Psychotherapy and counselling services

Counselling offers listening support and engagement when you need solutions to challenges and change. Psychotherapy offers a deeper exploration of what might be longer term hurts and difficult experiences in your life.Working within three specialised areas of Adult Therapy, Adolescent Therapy and Parental Therapy the focus is on what you need at this time. Guided by your needs we work to find a way forward through what might often lead to challenge and change. I work in a creative and open way to help you to manage your life in a different way.  We will figure out the best support for you and make this journey a little easier.

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The work of therapy is most often associated with present difficulties and a sense of unease in the world. This can relate to a range of feelings or thoughts which are happening for you right now and causing you some upset or confusion. Our stressess and upset can be many from present day concerns to difficult to childhood memories or experiences. My training in the psychodynamic and humanistic model offers me the opportunity to work with adults who face many challenges and upsets in their lives. For many feelings of stress, despair or anxiety lead to unhappiness in themselves and confusion around identity and the way forward. I offer adults the opportunity to talk through their concerns in a helpful and supportive way so that you can make consider options and choices that are right for you. Short or long-term support is offered depending on individual needs and requirements.


As a specialised Adolescent Therapist i work with the many challenging and upsetting issues facing today’s adolescents.  To support adolescents appropriately is to meet the adolescent within their lived world. A relational assessment is completed during the first meeting between adolescents and their parent/s caregivers.This offers everyone involved the opportunity to share about family life, the value system which is shared and the adolescent outside of some of their presenting issues. From here the adolescent is offered their own individual work. The focus of adolescent therapy  is an opportunity for a young person to begin to get to know themselves and figure out their own place in the world.This work happens through talking together, working creatively and trust building. Sessions are normally held on a fortnightly basis.Family sessions are offered in consultation with the adolescent as a way to encourage communication and facilitate positive change within the family network



Many issues present in therapy and are unique to each individual. They can be complex, confusing and devastating Nobody can tell you how to think or what to do and rarely do we need someone to tell us how to feel or think.What we often need is a guide in the right direction. Therapy is about supporting you to realise your full potential and ability. Your presenting concern may need to be figured out. This is always done with empathy and skill so you can express what ever feeling or thought is right for you. We alone are our greatest critic. While we may feel lost, judged, unsupported or even misunderstood by people, we alone are often our own greatest critic

So whatever your presenting issue from,something which needs to be solved, worked out or held differently there is always a benefit in gaining a  new perspective. Change is possible when we step back, when we share and when we learn to value who we are.

Some commonly asked questions

How do i make an appointment?

You may send an enquiry through the website, leave a voice or text message. Gina will get back to you within 24 hours and you can speak directly or arrange an initial appointment. 

How often do i attend?

Adolescent sessions are fortnightly.   Adult sessions are weekly/fortnightly

This will be decided with your therapist at the beginning of therapy and will be reviewed during therapy.

Is it confidential?

Therapy is a confidental service between you and your client. You will be given a form outlining your rights under GDPR guidelines and the limits to confidentality under Children First Guidelines. This will be discussed with you in the first session. Parental Consent will be required for all adolescents under 18.

How does online therapy work?

Online counselling is chosen by people for a variety of reasons. Online support is available  to you if you are an existing client of counselling west and have worked with your therapist on a regular basis.

How long is the session?

Your session is for one hour. This is for face to face and online sessions.

How does therapy end?

As far as possible all sessions will have a planned ending. You are the best judge of when therapy has reached an end point. This will be discussed fullywith your therapist

How much does it cost?

How much does it cost?

  • Adolescent Therapy is €80.00
  • Parental Therapy is €80.00
  • Adult Therapy is €70.00
What if I cancel my appointment ?

When appointments are canceled for a genuine reason 48 hours before appointment there will be no charge.  If an appointment is canceled in the last 48 hours before the appointment then that appointment will be charged as it will be deemed too late to be offered to someone else.

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