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It can be free, its fun, its relaxing, its energetic…………..its good for you. Yoga is a practice I have dipped in and out of for years. I even went so far as to train as a yoga teacher and had a short but lovely experience of teaching adults. After further training in pregnancy yoga and kids yoga I have finally settled on a practice, which involves going to a lovely teacher doing a small practice at home and teaching kids. It is for me a lovely combination of relaxation fitness and fun.

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There is a practice out there for everyone. From a mindfull still practice of five minutes to a full on 1.5 hours of a powerful ashtanaga practice. It is something you can begin and finish and at any age. In my 20’s I belted out a practice that saw me compete with who ever was beside me not at all competitive, my 30’s saw me moving away from it and occasionally dipping in and out as I was far too busy and roll on my 40’s and I am back to an awareness and practice which I love.

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So why do I recommend this practice to many of my clients? I want people to be open to the practice of stillness; the energy of movement and the inner peace that can stay with you long after your practice is over. Bring awareness to what is available to you, find a class that suits you and your needs, there are lots of them around. Find an app that is free there are also lots of them and practice at home, in the car or at your desk. Give it a few weeks to feel the full benefits then you have something you can tap into for life. All yoga practices focus on the breath and therefore bring mindfulness to the practice. The art of mindfulness is truly something to behold in todays busy world.

In my own work as a therapist yoga and mindfulness have brought me energy clarity and openness in a way that supports me in being a better therapist. It does not mean that I get it right all the time but my availbilty is open to a freer understanding of who I am and who I hear my client to be. Struggles are easier to maange and change becomes a real possibility.

So as you look around for something to do today ask yourself can I really afford not to do some yoga?

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