Time To Stop

We are almost through January and statically it is around now that all good intentions begin to slip. The healthy eating plan has a few holes in it, the gym doesn’t look as attractive as that first week, the resolve to give up smoking has worn thin, we are statistically speaking at a challenging time in the month. So what do we do when we reach this point, do we fall back into old habits, do we criticize ourselves for our lapses, do we give up…………….

Stop waiting for Friday!


An invaluable way of dealing with any setback and of managing any mind games that threaten to sabotage our progress is to STOP. Sounds quite simple, yet it is something we rarely do unless forced to do so. We are often forced into a STOP position due to ill health, bad news, shock, an accident or the many other difficult events that are often sprung onto us. Rarely do we make a conscious decision to just stop.

“Acceptance is the key word in all we do, so how do I accept this tension stress anxiety that is running through my house like a train at the moment.”

S: Just STOP

T: Take a step back

O: Observe the breath

P: Proceed with mindfulness


Imagine by putting in these four simple steps in less than 30 seconds how you can change your vantage point. By firstly giving yourself permission to actually stop you give both your body and mind an opportunity to work together. The body stands still for a few moments and the head gets to stop the racing critical thoughts and calm. The body engages the breath and again the head gets to take the opportunity to think differently

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From this vantage point of less than 30 seconds our whole perspective can change because we have given ourselves permission to act and behave differently. So next time the critic pays a visit just STOP

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