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Time to Stop!

Just Stop… by Gina Dowd Just Stop……. Gina Dowd, Jan2017 We are almost through January and statically it is around now that all good intentions begin to slip. The healthy eating plan has a few holes in it, the gym doesn’t look as attractive as that first week, the...

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farm accidents

December 2016 Gina Dowd Counselling West Understanding the impact of Farm Accidents As therapist’s we are trained to sit with another’s person’s pain, crises, upset or confusion. Our tool bag is full of the wonderful skills of listening, empathy, understanding,...

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a therapists view

Becoming a therapist isn’t something you dream of as a child, it isn’t a magical calling, it isn’t even a reality for usually a very long time. The journey into therapy is more often marked by a lot of hurt, anger and huge learning in life. As a social worker in my...

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surviving our anger

June 20th 2016 Surviving Our Anger 'Anger dwells in the bosom of fools' ALBERT EINSTEIN (1856-1939) physicist & all round genius For many people their anger is something to be feared. At some point they may have been told they have anger issues, maybe their anger...

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yoga for everybody

August 2016 Gina Dowd Counselling West It can be free, its fun, its relaxing, its energetic…………..its good for you. Yoga is a practice I have dipped in and out of for years. I even went so far as to train as a yoga teacher and had a short but lovely experience of...

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the irish psyche

June 20th 2016 The Irish Psyche 'The Irish is one race of people for whom psychoanalysis is of no use whatsoever' SIGMUND FREUD (1856-1939) the founding father of psychoanalysis Would you tell your neighbor you were in therapy? Maybe, depends on the questions the...

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listening to understand

Listening is arguably one of the most difficult skills in communications, and we’re getting worse at it.  In 2006, Dr. Ralph Nichols – who established the first study in the field of listening nearly 40 years ago at the University of Minnesota – quantified that we...

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about us

August 2016 Gina Dowd Counselling West A little bit more about Counselling West Believing in a Holistic and Humanistic approach, I have developed much understanding of the many issues which face Individuals, Parents, Teenagers and Children in today's world. I work...

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exam time – for parents

Creative Strategies for surviving exam time… For parents A few thoughts for the many thousands of students sitting the leaving cert and junior cert this summer. The Internet is crammed with advice for last minute study tips, healthy brain food etc., the tension and...

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