Anxiety and its Relationship to Stress

‘ stressanxiety and depression, appear when we are living only to please others ‘


Many people today are diagnosed as having anxiety, a chronic debilitating condition that needs diagnosis by the time we decide to look at it. By the diagnosis is made a person has usually out of sheer terror made their way to the G.P’s office because they somehow feel they are going slowly mad. They are usually by this time in such a heightened state of hyper arousal that anything causes them to jump cry and generally jump out of their own skin. So begins the journey of how to get rid of this awful uncomfortable uninvited guest labeled anxiety. They may make their way to me somewhat reluctantly sometimes drenched in same at having to come to a therapist, sometimes hoping to be fixed or cured with some techniques but always with a sense of they have somehow failed because they are battling to deal with something that feels like it could take over.

‘ Anxiety does not empty tomorrow of its sorrows, but only empties today of its strength ‘

Charles Spurgeon

I have yet to meet someone myself included who does not have anxiety. A normal condition that is part of our everyday life as we balance, negotiate, figure out, love, hate, squirm, wiggle and generally make our way in the world with all our talents, limits, gifts and obstacles. When some of this journey gets overloaded by increasing demand and we somehow become invisible anxiety makes its grand entrance to great fanfare and drama. Our head and our heart naturally react frightened by these things that threatens to disturb our equilibrium of compromise that we have so masterfully crafted over the years.

Imagine if we stepped back from the diagnosis of anxiety and really tuned into what is being asked for. When we step into this type of relationship with ourselves we learn to hear a different mantra. We often have to slow down and step under the story lien that is screaming that there is something wrong with us and deep into the well that is asking to be seen in a different light. The voice that exists in this well is usually asking us to slow down enough so that we can be cared for in a different way. If we were to fine tune into the voice underneath anxiety we would probably hear please stop, please listen, please provide me with love and support, please look after me. Anxiety of itself is not here to harm any of us but rather to stop us in our tracks so that we can look into the well of our emotional selves. Lock deep into the dry well that needs nurturing support to again flow with abundant water. Because we have often failed to tune into this voice the well has often run dry causing all kinds of difficulties and challenges for us now in the present.

Anxiety will not harm us and often we need to realize that nothing is actually happening to us on the outside. Our stressed mind would have us believe that we are in all kinds of trouble, this is usually stuff that we tend to predict and on the whole when anxiety is at its height we do not make the best fortunetellers. 

So I invite you into small steps, steps that engage you in relationship with yourself. Steps that will free your from compromise and allow you to feel the real feelings that need your attention and support.

Thank you for listening

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